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You can find us on #2600hz on FreeNode – We're there almost 24/7. You can get an IRC chat client at XChat's Homepage for Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. If you have it installed, click here. And click here for web browser.

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IRC Support

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Commercial Support provides full commercial support. Let us perfect your project.

2600hz firmly believes in the value of open source software and supporting the open source software we produce. We strongly encourage the proliferation of open source software by offering multiple avenues of support for every user. 2600hz offers real-time support via our #2600hz IRC channel, where engineers can be reached almost any time. In depth documentation of all our projects can be accessed in our wiki on our .org website. We are committed to making sure support is in place for the open source community to thrive and grow.

We know that our success depends on the success of our clients. In order to provide our clients unmatched growth potential, we offer comprehensive, multi-level support.

  1. System monitoring
  2. Real-time IRC support
  3. Walk-through guides
  4. One-on-one orientations
  5. Full access ticketing and resolution system
  6. Individual phone support