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IRC 2600hz


Talk to us real-time! We're on #2600hz on FreeNode (24/7) – irc.freenode.net.

You can get an IRC chat client at XChat's Homepage for Linux, Mac OS X or Windows.
You can also view our IRC log archives.

IRC 2600hz


The VoIP Knowledge Base WIKI is the sprawling, weird, and wonderful collection of user documentation about VoIP and the various 2600hz projects.

Kazoo Wiki
blue.box Wiki

IRC 2600hz

Bugs & Patches

Send us bugs, patches, or suggestions using our bug tracker at tickets.2600hz.org.

IRC 2600hz


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IRC 2600hz


blue.box: Mozilla Public License
Kazoo: MPL1.1

For questions about licensing contact 2600hz or visit here.

IRC 2600hz

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