Who We Are

We Make VoIP Simple

The founders of 2600hz all have deep experience with running scalable infrastructure. When we write our projects we put the knowledge gained from running multiple Asterisk and FreeSWITCH instances in various scenarios into a set of best-of-breed software.

2600hz has attracted leading VoIP enthusiasts already, with more joining every month. It is truly a community effort.

2600hz is, and always will be, open-source

2600hz is an open source organization. We release 2600hz projects under public licenses, such as blue.box (Mozilla Public License), to ensure that, no matter how you want to use 2600hz, you can. No matter how you contribute, the license ensures that we are all equals.

It is our hope to register 2600hz as a non-profit foundation, further ensuring it remains a community engagement.

Core Team

  • Darren Schreiber – CEO
  • Patrick Sullivan – Co-Founder, Team & Company Development
  • Karl Anderson – Everything Ninja
  • James Aimonetti – Country Music Junkie
  • Michael Phillips – PHP Ninja
  • Dale Hege – Bugfix Master
  • Clement Buisson – QA/Testing
  • Kate Zucchino – Logistics Chief
  • Dhruvi Shah – Design Assassin
  • Jon Blanton – PHP/JQuery Master
  • Stephen Lum – Build/Infrastructure/Awesomeness
  • Richard Hurlock – Business Development

What We Do

We build telephony-related open source software and share it with the world. Our goal is to build carrier-grade open technologies that anyone can use to build their own phone companies, web services or other communications technologies.

We intend to make VoIP easy. Our suite of tools allow you to deploy phone technology faster and spend less time monitoring and managing your infrastructure.


We contribute to, and use contributions from,
the following projects:

Without their work, our project would be impossible.


We thank our core team for countless hours of coding, testing, debugging and creating the future of telephony. We also thank the community that's helped rally around us. Without the collective effort, none of this would be possible.


  • Andrew Nagy – Provisioner
  • Carlos Talbot – ISO Development (Windows)
  • Richard Bateman – Build Server

Documentation & Testing

  • Tyler Winfield – Provisioner
  • Ryan Perry – A little bit of everything
  • Chris Wathan – Insanely patient tester guy


  • TJ Szewczak
  • Josiah Spackman – Blogging, Testing, Constant Moral Support

We'd also like to thank the teams who helped us get here:

  • Anthony Minessale – FreeSWITCH
  • Brian West – FreeSWITCH
  • Mike Jerris – FreeSWITCH
  • Michael Collins – FreeSWITCH
  • Raymond Chandler – FreeSWITCH

And to people who've helped us at one point or another along the way…

  • John Todd – Digium
  • Jared Smith – Digium/RedHat
  • Philippe Lindheimer – FreePBX
  • David Morken – Bandwidth.com
  • Joe Merrill – Bandwidth.com
  • Jim Mulcahy – Bandwidth.com
  • Todd Barr – Bandwidth.com

We thank Bandwidth.com for helping to fund the initial project's development.
Please visit them at Bandwidth.com.


  • Icons: Glyphish.com
  • Wireframes: Balsamiq Mockups